Creeping Terror Shorts Retrospective - BHFF 2019

The Prey (1983) by Edwin Scott Brown

Killer Nun (1979) by Guilio Berruti

Anna 2: Freaky Links (2019) by Michael Crum

Scarecrow County (2019) by John Oak Dalton

Silhouette (2019) by Mitch McLeod

Art of the Dead (2019) by Rolfe Kanefsky

Candy Corn (2019) by Josh Hasty

Press Release - “Murder Made Easy” Brings The Blood-Soaked Party To VOD 9/27

The Banana Splits Movie (2019) by Danishka Esterhazy

Ultraman Episode #12 - Cry of the Mummy

Full Horror Short-Bits: The Trick-or-Treat Picture Show (2019) by Anthony Ashmore