Press Release - Horror-Thriller "Sanzaru" Acquired for November Release by Freestyle Digital Media

Press Release - Lawford County Productions & Terror Cards Announce NFT Backed Horror Film

What Josiah Saw (2021) by Vincent Grashaw ***BHFF 2021***

Ouija Japan (2021) by Masaya Kato

Press Release - Italian Rape/Revenge film Last Stop on the Night Train coming to Blu-ray via TetroVideo in October

Grave Intentions (2021)

Demigod (2021) by Miles Doleac

The Old Ways (2021) by Christopher Alender

Lake of the Dead (1958) by Kåre Bergstrøm ***Nightstream Festival 2021***

Hellbender (2021) by John Adams, Toby Poser and Zelda Adams ***Nightstream Film Festival 2021***

Jack Be Nimble (1993) by Garth Maxwell ***Nightstream Film Festival 2021***

Alison's Birthday (1981) by Ian Coughlan ***Nightstream Film Festival 2021***