I Am Rage (2023) by David Ryan Keith

Director: David Ryan Keith
Year: 2023
Country: United Kingdom
Alternate Titles: N/A
Genre: Action

Gathered together at their remote mansion, a woman joins her boyfriend at a special get-together with his brother and her girlfriend where they’re introduced to their parents. As the get-together continues, they realize that something is wrong and that the family has drugged and kidnapped the two girls to be used as the next patients in a special blood-harvesting cult looking to use their blood to high-end clients looking for the fountain of youth. Forced to band together to escape the situation when it dawns on them that several clients have arrived looking to collect a shipment, her past as a traumatized abuse survivor allows her the chance to fight back and stop the operation.


Overall, this was a rather enjoyable and impressive genre effort. One of the stronger features here is the impressive backstory that brings the film about quite nicely. With the introductory setup being the family meeting that slowly gets turned on its head with the reveal of what they’re doing there, the inability to recognize who she is with her past, and how that all gets played out here with the gradual discovery of her physical condition, it manages to come together quite well. The means of connecting everything with how the organization operates and getting more than they bargained for with her past makes for a really fun time here.

This serves the film by bringing along plenty of highly impressive and hard-hitting action scenes with the martial arts on display giving the film even more to like. Working in the brutality she experiences due to her condition for a series of confrontations through the compound, mixing in some decent gunplay for some variety and making the whole thing drenched in practical effects for the bloodshed and tortures that are depicted, this all makes for a fun time here as she takes her revenge on the group including several big brawls throughout the harvesting compound and surrounding woods. These are enough to make this a solid and enjoyable effort.

There isn’t much to dislike here with only one real flaw to be had with it. The film makes no real mention of how there’s any correlation between the rage condition she has manages to make her a skilled martial artist with the condition showing itself in her uncontrollable anger rather than being able to handle herself well in a fight. It’s a slight difference but a notable one as it plays into the final confrontation which is a slightly underwhelming battle that plays off this condition but doesn’t go further so it feels rather drab. With its low budget also showing at times, these few factors are what keep this down.

Overview: ***.5/5
An overall impressive indie Action film without much really holding it down, this serves quite nicely with a lot to really like about it, and only gets let down by some minor features is a great touch here. Those that are fans of this kind of indie genre fare or are fans of the creative crew should give this a shot while those that aren’t interested in these features should heed caution.