Rattlers 2 (2021) by Dustin Ferguson

Director: Dustin Ferguson
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Alternate Titles: N/A
Genre: Creature Feature

Following a rash of strange deaths, the sheriff of a small-town finds the connection between the attacks and rumored snake attacks in the same town decades earlier and must bring together a crew from the area to save the citizens from the now-deadly snakes on the loose.


There was quite a lot to like with this one. One of the best features here is the generally impressive build-up that connects the two films. As the first attacks on the hiker and camping couple manage to instigate memories of the older attacks, there's a pretty enjoyable feel that comes off here as the events are taken seriously with the location connection being crucial to determining the issue. While it is downplayed, the fact that it's not outright dismissed is a solid addition which makes for a nice time furthering the connection between the two.

That also leads to a solid and fun series of snake attacks. With the chilling snake-vision shots showing it stalking the campers in the desert, the swarm actively grabbing and pulling in a second victim closer to their nest and a fantastic recreation of a bathtub attack from the original offer up a nice balance of suspenseful snake antics alongside the occasional cheesy effects-work. The big attack on the fireworks celebration is generally goofy fun and the logical repeat of the same plan to stop them is pretty nicely integrated and pulled off, which all combined managed to give this a lot to like about it.

There aren't a whole lot of flaws here. The main issue is a seemingly random manner of how this gets connected back to the original as it jumps the gun on implying a connection. The first victim, admitted to being the first time in decades, is enough by itself to call in the same events as before which is somewhat rushed in the context of the film. As well, this one does have a sudden and abrupt ending that can come out of nowhere that leaves a bit of a jarring impression that comes forth, but overall these aren't truly detrimental at all being the only flaws.

Overview: ****/5
A fun, throwback effort that manages to generate a lot of connections to the original, the few issues aren't really issues as the positives are far more prominent. Fans of the original, the creative crew or this kind of indie effort will find quite a lot to like here, while those who don't appreciate those aspects at all should maybe avoid this.