Horror Quick-Bits - 'Cinema Epoch' Release Round-Up

So we're doing another quick-bits series today, with a trio of new releases from genre studio Cinema Epoch.


An utterly irritating, unwatchable, amateur-style effort that has nothing to offer. Pointless artistic wankery for no purpose, uninteresting characters doing idiotic and completely random things, no suspense, no scares, nothing of any excitement or thrills happen whatsoever and the low-scale production values hinder every chance at generating any interest in what's going on. The sleaze eventually becomes boring as well, highlighting the general lack of interest and overall apathy featured here, leaving the film worthless, pointless and pretty much unreleasable.


A dreary and pretty uneventful effort, trying to rely on the idea of their drug-fueled fantasies being the cause of their arguments that it all just becomes bland and boring after a while. When they’re not screaming and yelling at each other, this grinds to a halt with meaningless flashbacks to their past or just wandering around the house making this feel quite padded and ruining the attempted paranoia being built. While things pick up slightly in the third act due to some action with the masked mad and their past revealed, the extreme boredom and amateurish production values nuke this one very underwhelming.

Quarantine Girl

A pretty tight and intense thriller where the majority of the focus on her story is quite enjoyable. The timeliness of the situation and relating it back to the deterioration of her mental sanity provides some solid and likable aspects to be had here with the over-the-top nature she takes the situation in regards to the sanitation of everything or talking to herself, giving this some enjoyable elements. It does get drawn out and repetitive with the loneliness and isolation taking a toll on her just as much as the strange packages that keep arriving at her house, but it’s not that detrimental.