Return of the Slasher Nurse (2019) by David Kerr

Director: David Kerr
Year: 2019
Country: USA
Alternate Titles: N/A
Genre: Slasher

After supposedly taking every resource, a woman desperate to find the whereabouts of her missing sister heads out to find the last known person responsible for the killers, only to have them conduct a rampage through the community in retaliation for her activities leading to a major showdown between them.


Overall, there's a lot to like with this sequel effort. One of the biggest aspects of this one is the fact that there are rather strong slasher setups and executions throughout here. That this one relies almost solely on a body-count approach, featuring simple setups designed to dole out as many kills as people, from the opening cult massacre solely for the purpose of knocking off the final member of the original incarceration at the facility to the random series of interlopers that show up to their area unexpectedly and then get killed immediately after. These are quite enjoyable in that sense with the film resorting to the shocking idea of the nurse coming up behind them unexpectedly and diving into a rather brutal kill then moving on to the next one.

This is all enhanced rather nicely with the finale which is a decidedly fun and enjoyable old-school slasher setup. With the gathered bodies at the house and them not believing the killers are out there, the one-by-one dismantling of the group manages to feature several enjoyable qualities. We not only get plenty of solid action in the brawls and confrontations that emerge between the duo as they take out the various friends but that sets up the various kills through the house resulting in some fine stalking as well throughout here. It's rather enjoyable in the sense of having full-on practical effects for these scenes as there's a real old-school joy to going through these moments in that manner. Carving up legs, removing piercings and other jewelry, having axes impaled in various parts of the body or having knives stabbed into the body are just some of the kills dished out here which is rather enjoyable. These are what hold the film up over its few flaws.

That said, there are still some big flaws with the film. The main issue is the film's general lack of editing that goes into this one, featuring scenes that go on way too long or simply has no reason to be there. Scenes like her visiting the retired detective to inquire about the case only to get blown off after accomplishing nothing or the encounter with the bikers' friends that features nothing but lame sex jokes have no place in the film lasting as long as they do. Later scenes like the detective investigating the missing biker at his hangouts from the tattoo shop to the biker bar or the stories told by his friends at the safe-house are completely unnecessary and add nothing to the film as a whole other than introducing part-time roles to be slaughtered which just end up combining together to make the film feel way too long for its own good. This could easily trim out certain scenes entirely and not be completely messed up continuity wise, which is what really ends up holding the film back.

Overview: **.5/5
With a lot to really like about it in terms of being a straightforward body-count display title, the film's few drawbacks tend to come from it's rambling, overlong nature and somewhat obvious low-budget tendencies. Give this a shot if you're looking for a fun low-budget indie slasher or a fan of the original and want to continue the saga, while those not interested in the flaws featured here should seek caution.