Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (2011) by Mary Lambert

Director: Mary Lambert
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Alternate Titles: N/A
Genre: Creature Feature

When a deranged activist releases a group of pythons from a testing lab into the Florida everglades, their rampage across the resident gator population forces a wildlife officer to inject steroids into the creatures to fight back, inadvertently starting a war with the now monstrous species in the area.


On the whole, this one wasn't all that bad and had a lot to like. As is always the case, the action here is really enjoyable and based on the quicker encounters here, which includes large portions of this one. The early scenes here are mostly centered around the sneak-attacks by the snakes against the hunting party out in the swamp which is quite fun as they pop up to launch attacks or feature scenes of them in town defending their eggs which cause this one to really embrace the natural tactic of coiling around a victim in order to kill by suffocation. Likewise, the crocodiles get some good time too where they chase down the assistants in the swamps, the ambush on the scientists and as well the individual encounters here there's the fun of their battles against each other in the swamps as there's a lot to like with all the fun brawling and fighting around in the area which allows for some fine and highly cheesy action.

That kind of cheesy action here is furthered by the highly cheesy and action-packed sequence of the creatures overrunning the city in a fine amount of city destruction that certainly allows for quite the fun time throughout here as this one takes on the destruction in a fiery spectacle as both creatures are given a lot to work with all throughout this, the repelling attempts aren't that bad and there are enough attacks on the group trying to stop them that there's a lot of frantic action brought into the mix. Further action scenes, from their attack on the dinner party which also manages to feature an uproariously cheesy cat-fight, made all the more fun for who's providing it, as well as the explosive finale at the quarry keep this going along nicely as well, and along with some rather creative methods for the creatures' back-story makes for enough positives to hold out over the few minor flaws here.

Among the bigger issues here is the completely confusing storyline here that glosses over way too many plot-points, including a major one about why she remained unaccountable for the federal law about introducing non-native species in a foreign environment which she continually admits to throughout the film or the wildlife officer feeding crocodiles with steroids yet nothing is brought about the illegal activities carried out, and then brought back into focus in a very clumsy way. As well, it's to be expected here that the CGI is just plain utterly atrocious and worse off here that there are tow creatures that have to deal with thee lousy effects in their construction which runs throughout here and contains all the usual manners of faulty work throughout. These issues are all that hold this one down.

Overview: ***.5/5
While the film's gimmick will undoubtedly win some over, that it maintains enough to like but never reaches the absurd heights of the genre's best efforts leaves this a wholly enjoyable if not mandatory watch. Give this a shot if you're fans of their work, curious about the gimmick with the stars or appreciative of the general style of the film on display while those that aren't any of those should look elsewhere.