WiHM Special - Kadrolsha Ona Carole

An accomplished and multi-faceted actress, author and paranormal guide, Kadrolsha Ona Carole has turned her numerous talents into those varied mediums which enable those accolades to be even more highlighted and spotlighted. Now, in honor of Women in Horror Month, I talk with her about her early interest in the paranormal, her experiences working on several films and how she approaches the various aspects of her career.

Me: Hello and thank you for taking the time to do this. First off, when did you get into horror in general?
Kadrolsha Ona Carole: I was born into it with over 7 generations of spirit communicators and dream interpreters. My great-grandmother lived in a tenement she owned. I remember the inside looked like the Adams family home from TV combined with the Monster’s home. Plants of all kinds for making teas for the spirit communication. This was commonplace in her home and now in mine.

Me: Were you into genre films growing up? What films specifically got you into watching horror movies?
KOC: I am part of the Exorcist legacy for my contribution to the 40th Anniversary Edition of The Exorcist on Blue Ray DVD. You can see my work on the director's cut. That is a story for another day. Liking horror movies started when I would go to visit my grandmother and she would go crazy over repeats of Dark Shadows on TV. I say repeats because it was not my generation when the show was popular. I always got a thrill with the customs and makeup. It made me want to create. In high school, I was in the drama club specializing in horror makeup.

Me: When did you initially discover an interest in the paranormal? Being one of the more prominent advocates for the genre what do you perform for people as part of your live events and appearances?
KOC: My interest in the paranormal is the same as my interest in horror started. It was from birth. I live a paranormal/horror life and share all I know with everyone I can. I am hands-on baby! I demonstrate the power of energy and let my fans feel it. Simply put I let them use my dowsing rods to communicate with the spirit world. When the dowsing rods start to move after a person asks a direct question of a spirit and they are the only ones holding the rods. Then who is moving them? It is a bit frightening and I have had large men fall to the ground and cry. They say they saw the person who died in front of them or they smelled a relative’s, the passed away, perfume. It is a very emotional experience to behold.

Me: What are some of the more unique and memorable experiences or awards your work in the genre has afforded you?
KOC: A super memorable experience was working on the move Toxic Tutu. Toxic Tutu is a continuation of the original film Toxic Avenger thirty years to the present day. I played myself and was the first paranormal personality to cross over to be in a horror genre film playing herself. TOXIC TUTU is an homage to the original cult-classic horror-comedy, THE TOXIC AVENGER, and explains what became of the "Toxic Avenger's" Melvin the "Mop Boy", Mark Torgl. I have won many awards. Fifteen in the paranormal genre and forty-nine in the movie industry. I love to create. For all my awards, please visit my IMDB page.

Me: Having authored several books on the genre as well, what do you do in the writing part that differs from the speaking engagements?
KOC: This is a good question. When I write I have endless time to explain, expand and describe my paranormal investigations. The words paint a colorful picture with a pallet of endless varieties of colors. In lectures, you are limited to time constraints. I hit on topics that I know will leave the audience asking for more. I give a hands-on demonstration with my dowsing rods that are highly educational given the fact that dowsing is a science not a pie in the sky ghost parlor game. I answer as many questions as I can in a frank common sense manner. Most of all I give people honest answers to their most personal questions with respect and dignity.

Me: As well, you’re the creator of the Paranormal 13 News show to help expand coverage of the genre. What did you hope to achieve with the creation of the show?
KOC: I am dedicated to the empowerment of people. I want to be able to bring to the public the wonderfully creative paranormal shows and individuals that create them. So far we are in 195 countries, Roku on the Galaxy TV Network. You can watch it on the website as well. www.queenoftheparanormal.com

Me: In addition, you’ve also started working more frequently in recent years as an actress in various films. When did you decide to turn to the industry?
KOC: Films have always been a big part of my life. I love acting. From a young age, I did extra parts. I still do them today. I have no aspersions of becoming a Hollywood starlet, but I do want to be a part of the films even in the small way of extra work.

Me: Given the variety of upcoming roles, you’ve been announced in as well as your paranormal and spiritualism work, does the expanding nature of your career help to offset the potential hazards such as crowded schedules, physical fatigue, etc?
KOC: That is a good question. I love what I do and when you love your life and work there is energy to go around for all.

Me: What else are you working on that you'd like to share with our readers?
KOC: I am working on a series of children’s books. Hard-hitting subjects with a no-nonsense positive message. For children 4 to K2. I have been cast in several films for 2021. You can see these on my IMDB page. imdb.me/kadrolshaonacarole  I am the host of Hollywood Entertainment News and I am bringing horror and paranormal-related genre clips to the magazine and TV show.

Me: Lastly, being that this is Women in Horror Month, what special message do you have for any women out there looking to join the industry in any capacity as you are one yourself? Thank you again for your time!
KOC: In the entertainment industry as with any industry, horror included, women often have a rougher time getting roles and often at lesser pay. My advice is to never give up. If opportunity doesn’t knock. Then build a door!

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